Cucumber Juul Pods




Cucumber Juul Pods

Cucumber Juul Pods The JUUL has been huge since it’s launch, Pax the manufacturers of the JUUL have been better known for their alternative vaping devices which perfected chamber heating for those who seek non-combustible experiences.

With the splash of the Cucumber JUUL Pods we’ve come to know their line up of flavor well. With Cool Mint JUUL Pods being the best known and having the widest adaptation of all of the pods, flavors like Creme Brulee, Fruit Medley, and Virginia Tobacco have resonated with its users.

The most recent release of a new JUUL Pod was the Mango Juul Pods. JUUL Pod which we helped introduce to market to great success. Since then some time has passed without any new announcements or product introduction, until now.

A super-fresh option for those who would rather avoid tobacco-based vapes, Cool Cucumber is perfect for those summer days when you’re looking to chill out.

It’s sweet yet refreshing and a super new taste to add to your JUUL pod collection.Cucumber Juul Pods

Cucumber Juul Pods

Cucumber Juul Pods for Sale

Originally coming with four JUUL pod flavor options, a fifth was added to the mix after the launch of the JUUL vaporizer. Now, we have way more JUUL pod flavors — eight in all — giving you a completely new vaping experience.

Read on to find out more about each JUUL pod flavor, as well as some glowing reviews from our happy customers.Cucumber Juul Pods

The flavor is pure Cucumber with no sweeteners, no fillers, no additives. While this isn’t the perfect flavor experience for everyone it does grow on you over time.

initially the flavor might not sit well with some because most of us don’t typically vape cucumber flavored liquids in general, yet surprisingly after your first few puffs you don’t find the flavor as jarring as you initially might.

In fact it’s safe to say you may come to miss it once you set it down. Another notable thing with the Cool Cucumber JUUL Pod is the quality seems vastly improved, better air flow and less prone to leakage Cucumber Juul Pods.

one pod cost 35$ and 10 pods per order