Stiiizy pods blue dream


one pod cost 25$ and 10 pods per order


Blue dream stiiizy

Blue dream stiiizy is an award-winning cannabis company straight out of Cali. The company is most famous for its premium cannabis oil vaporizer, called the STIIIZY, which uses a proprietary pod system.

The company grows and produces its own cannabis concentrate in more than 20 different strains and flavors. Unlike other competitors in the vape space like Pax Labs, STIIIZY does not offer a vaporizer model that can vape dry herb.

STIIIZY vapes are strictly for concentrates and are only compatible with STIIIZY branded pods.

STIIIZY most recently began to offer cannabis flower in a new brand called LIIIT.

These jars of flower come in eighths, 3.5 grams, and feature some of the most popular STIIIZY-grown cannabis strains like Gushers, Sour Apple, and Animal Face.

stiiizy blue dream – stiiizy flavorsstiiizy pods flavors 

The original Blue dream stiiizy rechargeable battery has a simple design that keeps the pod’s oil chamber visible so you can easily tell when it’s time to replace the pod. Overall, it’s not complicated to use.

All you need to do after opening the box on your STIIIZY is to charge it up, then insert a pod and inhale. The automatic draw detection makes sure the coils are only heated when you’re inhaling.

The device powers down once you remove your mouth from the mouthpiece. But there is no temperature control, and at 40 draws per charge the battery life isn’t the longest.

The LIIIL comes pre-charged with the pod already attached. Once you finish the pod, you throw out the battery with it; it is not rechargeable like the other two vapes. Available in 22 different strains and varieties,

the LIIIL is a great gift for someone new to vaping,Blue dream stiiizy or for someone who only vapes occasionally. It’s not a good choice for daily use– way too much plastic waste!

Blue dream stiiizy

one pod cost 25$ and 10 pods per order

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