Ak-47 Runtz


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Ak-47 Runtz

Ak-47 Runtz It’s amusing to think so many cannabis users choose Runtz as the pick of the litter. But the Runtz strain is named after a popular crunchy candy called Runts by Nestlé. It’s aptly named, as it’s an explosion of color.

So what’s the deal with Runtz, and why is it gaining momentum and star-studded fame among weed enthusiasts? What are the effects, flavors, and aromas of this highly sought-after weed variant?

We have the answers to all your questions here.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Runtz strain. You’ll also learn what growing conditions it likes and where you can buy the cannabis seeds.

Discover Runtz today, and be part of the marijuana community that adores its delicious taste and potent effects.

Runtz strain (aka Runtz OG) – white runtz strain – pink runtz strain – white runtz weed strain

The Ak-47 Runtz OG strain is a perfectly balanced hybrid, although some variants may lean 60%–40% either way. The cannabis variant first became a household name in the music scene.

Talented rapper Yung LB debuted  Runtz at the Santa Rosa festival in the Emerald Cup competition. Since then, it’s gathered an almost cult-like following of marijuana users who can’t get enough of its fruity goodness.


Ak-47 Runtz

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