Cannabiotix Cereal Milk


One can cost 60$ so total per order 5 cans


Cannabiotix Cereal Milk

Cannabiotix Cereal Milk  is owned and operated by childhood best friends who infuse a long-term love affair with cannabis into every step of the cultivation process.

20 years innovating and perfecting the grow process manifest in fragrant, sparkling buds at their perfect moment of freshness.

Trichromes are preserved to their maximum extent by hang-drying flower in complete darkness and using human hands instead of machines to package.

Each jar is lab tested, vacuum sealed, and closely monitored by the quality control department to ensure ideal freshness.

Sustainability is foregrounded with over 60% of the plants’ water coming from the 10,000 gallons reclaimed per day by the capture and filtration process of their grow houses.

Cannabiotix Cereal Milk is a Cannabiotix exclusive: an in-house cross of Strawberry Lemonade x Thicc Mint Cookies bred by Limited Trees Genetics.

Cannabiotix Cereal Milk

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As soon as you open the jar you are greeted with the perfume of a rich and complex bouquet.

Cereal Milk is fruity on the nose with notes of sweet vanilla icing and hints of peach Cannabiotix Cereal Milk  and pineapple.

Swirl the jar like a fine wine for the full diversity of its multifaceted aromatics.

A striking visual feast awaits. Cereal Milk’s gorgeous bud structure manifests in an ode to the sacred geometry of The Fibonacci Sequence.

Layers upon layers upon layers of sparkling and frosty trichomes snowcap on a bounty of orange hairs.

Stone fruit and sweet cream notes carry through for a delicious inhale uncannily similar to its namesake.

Pack small bowls and roll tight joints to really enjoy and preserve the flavor.

Cereal Milk or Cannabiotix Cereal Milk  reminds us no matter how advanced cannabis technology gets, nothing can beat this at the bottom of your bowl.

One can cost 60$ so total per order 5 cans